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IELTS Speaking Tips

Time Management- IELTS Speaking Exam

Time management tips on IELTS speaking exam

Are you struggling to:

  • to construct an answer?
  • cover all points?
  • speak for the required time?

in just 15 minutes?

…when you’re exhausted from the other modules of the Test? Well, Worry no more because we are here to give you time management tips for the IELTS Speaking exam.

There is a reason why candidates find the Speaking exam hard. The exam gauges your conversational ability. If you know the tips then the Speaking exam can go like a breeze and even contribute in increasing the band score. Here are a few tips that can help you in the exam.

Identify the main topic of the Question
Identifying the main topic is tricky but there is an advantage. If you can identify the main topic of the sections, you are more likely to answer easily and to incorporate the main points.

Understand the Questions
A lot of people start to Speak right away; however, this is actually the wrong thing to do. You should listen to the questions first, and understand the keywords that will help you form the perfect answer.

Use standard phrases
Often candidates struggle to finish their sentences in time. This happens when they try to speak every sentence from scratch. Learning standard expressions and phrases help convey the specific information we wish to communicate. Learning and using these will help save time.

Time your Speaking
Managing time is one of the most important skills for IELTS test-takers, so start recording your answers and time your pauses and intonations.

Practice all questions
Practicing some frequently asked questions will help you understand the main point of the question asked and save time and improve your accuracy.

Don’t overthink an answer
Overthinking an answer can lead to time wastage as well as distract you from concentrating on the question. Form a clear and concise statement for speaking and stick to the question asked.

Don’t zone out during Speaking
Most candidates often zone out or get lost in thinking and lose their train of thought along with the time and marks. Time is of the essence and any lost time can not be recovered.

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