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Score Score 7+ in IELTS Test

Score 7+ in your IELTS exam

Score 7+ in your IELTS exam

Want to get 7+ Bands in the IELTS exam? Learn How!!


Achieving 7+Bands in your IELTS exam will certainly open many doors for you in the future. It is what many students aspire to get not only for the visa and to secure a place at the university but to showcase the hard work put into developing fluency in the English language.

Here’s how to score that elusive band 7+ score:

IELTS Assessment Tests:

There’s no doubt about it, practice tests are key to helping you assess your level for the IELTS exam. Maybe your vocabulary feels a bit limited or your pronunciation just doesn’t sound quite right. If you already registered for the IELTS, you probably have heard that there are ways to improve your score, but where are they?

One of the best ways to prepare is to take an IELTS practice exam. Free practice exams can be accessed on our website. If you need some extra help with IELTS, consider taking a free assessment to make your test a success.

You should do as many practice tests as you can before the exam. This will give you important insight into the exam and help you gauge your language competency.

Bring the language to your schedule:

Watch English movies and series, Listen to News to understand complex information. Watch and Listen to different accents. Actively listening to a variety of conversation topics and accents will help you understand better.

Plan better:

Strategic planning means setting aside some time at the start to allocate your learning plan in the most efficient way possible. Although it may seem counterintuitive to take time away from ‘learning English’ to make a preparation plan, strategically allocating your time and energy will organize your efforts and dramatically improve your score.

To score a 7 or higher, you’ll need to answer the questions fully and have excellent comprehension. You will need proper planning and structuring of your essays to achieve top grades.

Test your grammar:

You’ll be marked down for grammatical errors so this is a great area to practice in. Practice writing and speaking with a friend who can provide constructive feedback.

Practice skim reading:

It means reading very fast to find only the main ideas of a text. You have a very short time to read the text and identify the main ideas.

Engage in conversations:

Starting and speaking in conversations, gives you the confidence to interact and create a meaningful dialog with the speaker.

Expand your vocabulary:

Improve your vocabulary by playing word games and practicing using new words in a conversation.

Know the scoring system:

The overall band score is the average of the four sections scores, rounded to the nearest whole or half band. All the section’s scores are weighted equally. So, You’ll need to get a minimum of 30 correct answers to score a band 7 or above.

Don’t panic:

During the test, stay calm and focused. Follow instructions and proceed exactly as you practice — you can do it! Do not stress yourself, or let unexpected things startle you.

Lastly, Reflect:

How did you do? Are you satisfied? What worked well? What needs improvement? Think about each step of the process.

While no tips or tricks can really make taking a test a joy, our proven system works and gives you a clear plan to prepare yourself for success. Go ahead, use our 7+ Bands Plan to help you go with confidence to the test.

Now all that’s left to do is to wish you all the very best of luck!

Our top tips for scoring 7+ in every module:

We will tell you exactly how to prepare, step by step, from registration to exam day with clarity and confidence. With our proven system for test preparation, you too can prepare well and get the score you want.

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