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IELTS reading tips


IELTS Reading Tips

Are you struggling with IELTS Reading section?

  • read 3 difficult texts (5 in General Training!)
  • answer 40 difficult questions (12 different types!)
  • transfer your answers accurately

in just 60 minutes? …when you’re already exhausted from the Listening Test and still worrying about the Writing and Speaking Test? Well, Worry no more because we are here to give you the IELTS reading tips for the much-dreaded reading exam.

1. The need for correct answers.

  • You need to stop worrying about getting ALL the answers correct.
  • You only need 23/40 (Academic) or 30/40 (GT) to get Band 6.
  • No one is expecting you to get 40 correct answers in 60 minutes.
  • Don’t waste time on an answer you can’t find rather move on and find an easier question that you CAN answer!

2. Text structures

At the start of all Reading Lessons know about the structure of the text.

In Exam you will get two basic types:

  • Descriptive (factual, chronological)
  • Discursive (theoretical, based on research and evidence)

If you know your IELTS texts, you will learn to predict answers and know where to find them quickly. This is a huge part of time management strategy.

3. Question types

Reading speed comes from:

  • Understanding the text (vocabulary, synonyms, parallel structures, paraphrasing, etc)
  • Knowing what you need to do with the text (recognizing text structures, topics, question types)

So when you’re preparing for the test, you need to work on a combination of these. Building your vocabulary is essential. It’s also essential to become familiar with the types of texts that IELTS uses, and how the questions work.

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4. Skim the questions first:

It is more general and broad in sense. Skimming is going through the paragraphs fastly to understand what the paragraph is about. You get your reading sheet and go through it quickly to know what the article is about an ex. Bananas and then head to the questions area to read your questions and scan for answers.

5. Scan the questions next:

Scanning is specific and it is to go through the text searching for a keyword related to the question like Bananas in The tropical bananas have known to grow in ________.

When you find the keyword you underline it and then search those lines for answers. You are looking for the name of a place, condition or surrounding, and viola!! Your answer appears to you in that instance!!

Hope the IETLS reading tips were helpful! 

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