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IELTS Class 4 weeks

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Our 4 week IELTS training course is an express course that offers comprehensive in-class training focusing on candidates’ specific strong and weak sections. All four modules will be practiced briefly, and the teacher will work with you closely to identify and help you overcome your challenges. So register today to book your in-class training session!

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  • This in-class course is for advanced IELTS students
  • All four IELTS modules will be covered, including IELTS Reading, IELTS Listening, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Speaking.
  • Students who have attempted IELTS and lack the desired score in 2 modules
  • Specially designed for extensive training
  • Targeted training and practice material
  • Additional practice material will be provided for training at no additional cost.
  • **Currently, in-class IELTS training sessions are provided only at our Vadodara, Gujarat, India location. If you want to apply from any other country, register for our Online IELTS Training Classes.

3 reviews for IELTS Class 4 weeks

  1. Caroline Angaga (verified owner)

    Top in Ielts has the best Ielts Tutor so far ,Dr. Anshul.
    Dr. Anshul took me from a week edge of knowledge to the strongest edge of knowledge. The things that he taught me are ringing a bell in my head everytime, I remember the best methodology and the keenness to passing IELTS exams. He is very effective in his teaching.
    He had his correction moments that kept me more a lert and his assurance was just overwhelming. This kept me in class as much as I wanted to quite.Dr. Anshul, the well aware tutor by my standards, helped me learn very secretful tricks and as much as I am yet to publish the great results from my Ielts examination, I feel I can desseminate the knowlegde and the know how of what goes where in order to be successful.
    As a tutor, he has great skills tailored to every student,I got his communication , hospitality, tolerance ,understanding, empathy and teaching to be in-born. I am proud to be his student since he put into use my thought trails and as I write this note I think swiftly with different ideas and examples that are useful.
    Dr. Anshul has a great personality and he is supportive. He would make me try my way of reasoning ! And when he takes turn to explain,I would always smile and request to move on for the information has got to my brain, sunk and settled, so interesting and exciting.
    I salute you Dr. Anshul
    I would recommend any one with whatever kind of challenge in English (IELTS) to visit and attend Topin ielts and ask for Dr. Anshul to be your ielts tutor.

  2. Jiao Heike

    I like Dr. Anshul’s way of teaching, the friendly atmosphere and that the courses are affordable and I can choose most convenient time for me. Definitely, recommend him without reservations.

  3. Sherifa Reem

    I found Dr. Anshul to be a wonderful IELTS Tutor. The things that he taught me helped me a great deal in my exams as well as in my University. He is very effective in his teaching. Not many tutors are able to stimulate the students to the extent Dr. Anshul does, so he provides a great environment to learn.
    As a teacher, he has great communication skills, all explanations are short and helpful. He didn’t just give the answers away – he made you THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better and because of his explanations, I am doing very well in my English Majors (media and communication).
    He has a great personality and is always willing to help. He continues to explain things until you understand the information and makes the class interesting and exciting.
    I would recommend him as a tutor for all future students, without a doubt.

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