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Take your First Task - Write an Essay

Here some tips for – Writing Task – Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.  Also, write about the following topic:

The current COVID-19 situation has a huge impact on the world’s economy. In your option how will this pandemic impact the small and big businesses? What is your recommendation to deal with similar pandemics in the future?

Tips about how to write an essay task: Write at least 250 words and make sure you understand the writing topic.

Take the time to read the task very carefully. Underline the parts you have to write about and make rough points that you want to focus on:

  • What topics do you need to cover in the writing task?
  • Do I need to present an argument, or share your opinion?
  • If yes, how will you address your opinion?
  • Does it ask for your recommendations?
  • If yes, how will you list your recommendations that align with your opinion?

How should essay flow:

  • 1st paragraph Beginning – Introduction of the topic (sometimes you can also address: who, what, when, where and why – if needed): The introduction sets the scene for your reader, it gives them an idea about what you are going to discuss, what the issues you are going to address, and often what your position is.
  • 2nd and 3rd paragraphs (middle paragraphs) Your story – where you will share your opinions, or arguments.: Make your opinions on the topic clear to the readers – decided what your opinion, or argument is in the beginning and have supporting statements in the second paragraph of the essay, keep your position clear, don’t change it.
  • Final Closing paragraph – Closing statement to conclude you argument, or opinion : Draw a logical conclusion that can stand for your point the conclusion should match with your argument, or opinion and further supports your argument, or opinion. You need to write one or two sentences that summarise your argument, point, or opinion.

Hope the tips were helpful Good luck with your test!